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Monday. 4.25.05 4:33 pm
oh how i hated it. for one thing, it is freezing outside, so it's definitely not shorts-wearing weather, which really bums me out. but, one good thing about today was that we are playing ultimate frisbee again in gym. i love that game. i wasn't on erika's team today, but my team still won both games. i need to get the fluid drained out of my knee again, although i really don't feel like it. i'll just procrastinate(YES, i am actually procrastinating) and go get it fixed when it starts getting worse.

today in chem II, brandon sat on the table and it fell and broke, so mag and i went up to the common's building for some plywood and screws to fix it. we came back and nick handed my camera to me and told me he left me a "secret video" on there. oh my gosh, it's the funniest thing. i can't show it to you, due to the fact that it's a "secret".

i'm going to watch Hannibal again because I didn't finish it last night.

update - kelsey, here's the picture you wanted =)

good ol' chem II class

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my birthday
Saturday. 4.23.05 8:58 am
was fantastic. spent the entire afternoon driving around in williamsport, and we obviously ended up at the mall. driving home and like fifty people called the cell and i couldn't answer it because it was in my purse in the back. that upset me.

then we went back to my grandma's house for pizza(hawaiian, of course), cake, and ice cream. and presents too. definitely can't forget the presents. i consider the cake a present because my aunt made it and she's an awesome chef. she made me an amaretto cake, and it had a ton of amaretto in it. yum. then my dad got me a Great American Cookie Company cake. there were alot of people there so it's good that we had two cakes.. and two pizzas for that matter.

so let's see, i got:

a new phone
a new digital camera
Liar Liar on DVD (yesss, love that movie)
lots of money for clothes
a car

today or tomorrow the other side of my family is taking me out to the Grace Buffet in Sayre, and I can't wait. I love that restaurant.

that's about it.

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these are annoying, but, oh well.
Thursday. 4.21.05 3:00 pm
jen gave me permission to use this. i just have the craving to fill it out. sorry.

10 Things About You (personality wise):
1. i'm really gullible
2. i get mad easily(depending on the person who angers me)
3. i don't talk to skanky people
4. i love to make people laugh
5. i'm hardly ever sad
6. i'm pretty serious about my life
7. i am easily annoyed with stupid people
8. sometimes i do really stupid things
9. i'd say i'm pretty witty
10. i'm usually hyper

9 Things About You (appearance wise):
1. i naturally have strawberry-blonde hair
2. ...but now it's light brown/redish
3. i'm 5'6"
4. i have brown eyes
5. i don't have any scars or anything
6. i normally have long, pretty nails
7. my feet aren't ugly, in fact, they're pretty cute
8. i have dimples, but i learned to smile so they don't show
9. i dress pretty girly most of the time

8 Things You Hate:
1. stupid people
2. people who don't care about life
3. scummy people
4. really preppy girls that bawl about everything
5. broken hearts
6. flatlanders
7. gay people
8. winter

7 Things You Love:
1. chem II class
2. warm weather
3. being barefoot in the grass
4. classic oldies music (50's and 60's)
5. getting awesome grades
6. sleeping
7. my family

6 Things That Attract You To The Opposite Sex:
1. gotta be able to make me laugh
2. dark hair
3. manly (not a prissy, whimpy guy)
4. gotta be tan (and farmer's tans are extra hot)
5. sorry, but he can't have a small cock
6. has to have some common sense

5 Things That Turn You Off From The Opposite Sex:
1. back hair
2. scummy-ness
3. stupidity
4. guys that don't show enough affection
5. guys that are up your ass(NOT literally) all the time

4 Things You Need When You Go Out:
1. show me the money, honey.
2. my purse
3. a watch
4. more money

3 Things You Do Everyday:
1. talk to the most adoreable boy in the world
2. concentrate hard on school work
3. watch TV

2 People You See Everyday:
1. mag
2. nick

1 Person You Miss:
1. my grandpa and other, unmentionable people

alright, that's enough for today.

ooo wait! i almost forgot. today i went up to the middle school during directed study to take my spanish test since i won't be in school tomorrow, and i stopped in Mr. Grega's room for a bit. i miss him. he's like, "class, this is michelle, the one i told you that always rolls her eyes." and everyone laughed and he goes, "this girl knows her stuff." so everyone is like, "will you help me?!" and stuff. they were doing square roots that came out as decimals and they were all like, "OH NO this must be wrong because it came out as a decimal!!". hahaha, i remember when i was scared of decimals. anyway, he gave me a free soda for being awesome and stopping in to see him. he asked about my grades, and i told him, and he's just like, "atta girl, michelle" haha that made me laugh. then i went to Brann's room(he has his own room now) and took my test. he told me the only reason he let me come up to the middle school and take my test was because i do really well in his class and he knows that i "know my spanish". he's awesome. it bugs the crap out of me when people bitch and whine that he's a bad teacher, just because they're too fucking stupid to understand the simplest of things, and they expect Brann to give them the answers to everything. yeah, it's called not being fucking braindead.

anyway, that's all i got for now. no school tomorrow! =)

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good day to make up for yesterday
Wednesday. 4.20.05 3:27 pm
wow, there were lots of good things about today. let's see..

- during gym erika and i played good, and we kept going over to the shop room to get drinks so we could see my very own Pilar Austin

- during second period(spanish II) i went over to Harold's to work on my Chem II project with Mag. i probably didn't miss much in Spanish anyway because all the retards were probably whining about how they don't understand the demonstrative adjectives. whine about it a little more - i'm sure then you'll start understanding it. i felt bad leaving bum in there, and i couldn't make ryan his card for sarah today. sigh.

- activities, i walked out of the room because Marhefka doesn't give a crap about anything, and went to board games with mag. she was playing uno against kyle, keaton, and kevin. keaton kept being mean to kyle. what else is new?

- during third period after lunch, our chem II class was forced into going to the library by mrs. weis, and none of us had anything to do. but, jordie had this little football and we played catch when mrs. weis wasn't looking.

- hm, directed study we went to the library too, mainly because it's second period directed study, meaning all the retarded skanky people from second period are in that directed study. that'd be why bum and i are always sure to be somewhere else.

- history, nothing ever happens.

tonight i'm going to play cards with the guys. (i think) i'm not sure yet though because... well.. i'd miss talking to someone online, but i will probably still go because it's fun, and i'm really good at it.

i'm going to lay down for a little while.

shawn, thanks for remembering the rust!

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today was a bad day
Tuesday. 4.19.05 7:19 pm
it was awful. the only good part of the day was gym class

mag, bum, and i rushed around all during 3rd period to get the stuff done for our chem II project, and we finally got everything to work out, and then mag just messaged me and said it's not due until Monday now. that makes me so mad to hear that after all the work we did today to be prepared.

nick and ed still don't even have an experiment, so i've been looking things up for them to help them out because they're nice and they don't deserve to fail just because they couldn't find an experiment. poor boys.

ed and i won every game we played in gym today. we are awesome at badmitton, even though i got a tetanus shot in my right arm and it was all numb, i still played really well. i love gym.

i slept forever this evening. that's not normal. i woke up and felt like crap. i puked and it was nasty. i think it was school lunch. wouldn't doubt it. i feel better now, thank god.

i think i better actually study for my history test.

oh wait, i almost forgot - Shawn, thank you for skipping your lunch period to help us with the aluminum shavings and stuff. that was nice of you, and you are very very smart. and i promise about the smart thing, and i promise i'll always stick up for you when people say mean stuff. thanks for finding some rust for us, too! =)

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and the winner is..
Sunday. 4.17.05 9:06 pm
yes, that's right, i am dart champion. i played darts on saturday against my dad and uncle jim, and i beat my dad 5/8 games, and beat my uncle jim 3/5 games. i was so proud of myself because they play darts alot more than i do, but i guess i am just more accurate than they are. and i even stand wrong. ya know how you're supposed to put your right foot in front if you throw right-handed? yeah, well i throw right-handed and put my left foot in the front. then i cross my right foot behind my left foot. it's weird, but maybe that's a winning stance.

mag, bum, and i had to change our plans for our chem II project. we were going to do a project involving nitroglycerin, but it's way too dangerous and whatnot, so we are doing a thermite reaction. kayle and ryan are also doing a thermite reaction, but ours is going to rock so much harder than theirs. ooo and mag, ya know how we need clay flowerpots? well, just to make ours better, i spray-painted our pots silver and black, and lined the edge with white. and our poster i'm making is black poster board with neon-colored letters and stuff. we are going to kick some butt on this project. you better make your powerpoint AWESOME!

so, this friday i'm going to williamsport all day. i can't wait. shopping is my life, and i can't wait to get new clothes, even though i just bought a ton of new clothes, and i bought a couple new shirts yesterday. i guess on friday my dad's side of the family is coming down for cake and ice cream, and on saturday, my mom's side of the family is taking me to the Grace Buffet in Sayre because that's one of my favorite restaurants. i'm excited. i might get to see Isis on friday! i've heard she's really cute.

that's about it.

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